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Volunteer Opportunity
Posted 10/24/18

We have a wonderful volunteer opportunity for our Stone Valley students. Mauzy school is a school for special needs preschoolers.

Our students will have the opportunity to go into the class and read to the students. This is a walking field trip.


Here is the link to sign up your student. We are also looking for chaperones as well. What an amazing opportunity to serve our local community and to serve others.,1,nWZn4_0LvF8ZzDrXZyWM096S7AAprDVWrZMfY5H_9TubTGgWFsF75WMbBqNNqTO4JukoQQUASXHOJ8x_leVZcTaPkuf7qSWn-wgwRcM8XQ,,&typo=1