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SRVUSD Weekly Update 11/18/2020
Posted 11/18/20

Now that the Declaration Process is complete, we want to share information with you about where we are with regards to our reopening plan. Our Key Commitments continue to drive our work. We will continue to:

  • Follow all health guidelines

  • Support student wellbeing

  • Provide excellent instruction in both the hybrid and remote models

  • Keep students in the program they began in August

  • Try to minimize disruption, but we cannot avoid it completely


Progress - Reopening

Phase 2 of our reopening plan began yesterday, November 18th with the return to campus of additional students in our mild/moderate Special Day Classes, English Language Learners and  students requiring interventions. We continue to prepare for Phase 3 on January 5th where those in the general education population who selected hybrid will be back on campuses.


Declaration Information and Next Steps

We are in the process of finalizing declaration forms. We are calling all families who did not submit a form and once those calls are completed, we will begin the work of building schedules for the spring term.


  • Some of you have asked if it is too late to change your declaration. The answer is that changes can be requested through the waitlist process. If you wish to be added to a waitlist, please send an email to Sandy Cattarusa, the SRVUSD Enrollment Coordinator. Sandy will add your name to the school’s waitlist and will communicate with you if/when there is an opening for your child. We will do our best to consider your waitlisted change requests as we build our schedules, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate you. 


Though the results are not final until all Declaration Forms have been received, we are able to provide you with these preliminary results, which reflect 96% of all expected declarations. You can view the school by school results on our website.

  • Elementary:

    • Full Remote: 59.73%

    • Hybrid: 40.27%


  • Secondary:

    • Full Remote: 72.59%

    • Hybrid: 27.41%


Health Forms - Important Read for All Families Returning to Campus

As we return to our campuses, please take some time to become familiar with 2 very important documents. These are the documents that you will use to determine whether you have symptoms that require you to stay home from school and when you can return after illness and are available on the homepage of the District website and in the Quicklinks on your school website’s homepage.


Bell Schedules

Updated Schedules:

  • Please Note: December 8th and 9th have been converted to asynchronous learning days for all students in grades Tk- 12 in order to allow staff engage in a series of professional development opportunities in preparation for the January 5, 2021 opening. As part of our commitment to provide quality instruction in the both the remote and hybrid programs, PD will focus on 3 main topics: testing/assessment, asynchronous time/videoconferencing  and standards alignment to aid in a smooth transition  

  • Revised December 2020 bell schedules


We have updated the Reopening Dashboard on our website to reflect the additional work that has been done. Additionally, we will be adding a COVID Tracking Dashboard to the website very soon. This COVID Dashboard will allow you to monitor, in a very transparent manner, COVID-19 activity in the SRVUSD.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions that continue to come in are similar. These questions were answered in the Board Presentation last evening, which can be viewed on our YouTube channel. To recap a few:

  1. With COVID numbers rising, are we proceeding with our plan to reopen on January 5th?

We are proceeding with our plan so we are organized for any eventuality. In other words, our schedules will reflect who wishes to return to in-person learning and who wishes to remain remote. This is very important so that our students do not have to prepare for any further interruptions down the road. We are planning to open our schools to hybrid in-person learning on January 5, 2021. The Board has the authority, under present circumstances, to make a different decision if required.


  1. With the holiday season, why don’t we wait until at least the middle of January to reopen?

We know that it is not the travel that is the spreader of COVID, but the actions that we engage in, no matter where we are located, that spread COVID. Everyone needs to follow safety protocols wherever they are, including wearing a mask, social distancing and hand washing. Having said this, we know that some are concerned about the holiday season and the Board will certainly review any new information that emerges about this pandemic.


  1. What is happening with high school athletics?

The authority to permit athletic competition rests with the State.  We are waiting for new guidance.  Until this new guidance is communicated, no CIF competition is allowed.


  1. What is happening with Specialized Small Groups?

Our Specialized Small Groups are continuing. We are following all required protocols.


We continue to do the hard work preparing for the spring 2021 semester.  We will continue to monitor all pandemic data.  We will continue our collaboration with Contra Costa Health Services.  We will support our staff to provide an effective remote and hybrid learning program and will keep you updated.  Our students’ academic, social, emotional, and physical health remains our priority.  We are not planning to send another communication this week, so I want to wish all of you a safe and very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you take time to rest and replenish over the break.