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PTA Committees

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee 

San Ramon Valley Council of PTA's
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee 

Committee Goals:
Inclusion is a commitment to involve the entire school community in planning, as well as enjoying, PTA programs and activities. Bringing in many different views is the key to building a robust and meaningful PTA in your community. Members come with their own views, experiences, cultural heritage and traditions, skills and abilities, values and preferences. California’s public schools are a rich weave of these diverse threads, and their PTAs must be as well. 
  • Recognize that involvement of diverse populations enriches PTA activities and enhances the well being of all children and youth.
  • Listen to all voices so that your PTA can be an effective voice for ALL children.
  • Celebrate diversity. Break down barriers that discourage people or minimize their involvement.
  • Include in your active membership a representation of all ethnic, cultural, religious, economic and social groups in the community.
  • Ask: Are there large underrepresented groups of your student population missing from your PTA’s active membership? Is there enough representation from all groups to give an understanding needed to be advocates for all children? Does your PTA seek a diverse membership?
Our Commitment to DEI , Diversity, equity and inclusion cannot be the stand-alone work of one committee or even a small group of individuals. It is the work of every PTA member who decides to serve the families and children in their community. Please reach out to Sandra Willman, if you are interested in leading or joining the SVMS DEIC. 
Sandra Willman

Exceptional Education Committee

San Ramon Valley Council of PTA's
Exceptional Education Committee

SRV Council of PTA's Exceptional Education (formerly Special Needs) Committee -  PTA’s Exceptional Education Committee fosters collaboration among parents, teachers, schools, and the community to support children with special needs.  For more information about Exceptional Education in our district, link here-  PTA Council Exceptional Education.